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Academic Careers and the Gender Gap
Maureen Baker

Age, Gender, and Work
Julie Ann McMullin

Am I Safe Here?
Donn Short

Amma’s Daughters
Meenal Shrivastava

Asegi Stories
Qwo-Li Driskill

Bar Codes
Jean McKenzie Leiper

Becoming an Unwed Mother
Prudence Rains

The Business of Women
Melanie Buddle

Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity?
C.J. Atkinson

Canada and the Beijing Conference on Women
Elizabeth Riddell-Dixon

The Canadian War on Queers
Gary Kinsman
Patrizia Gentile

Caring for Children
Rachel Langford
Susan Prentice
Patrizia Albanese

Changing Men, Transforming Culture
Eric Magnuson

Chinese Comfort Women
Peipei Qiu
Stephen D. Bryen
Su Zhiliang
Chen Lifei

Cinematic Howling
Hoi Cheu

Claire L'Heureux-Dubé
Constance Backhouse

Common Careers, Different Experiences
Katharine Venter

Contingent Maps
Susan E. Gray
Gayle Gullett

Creative Subversions
Margot Francis

Crerar's Lieutenants
Geoffrey Hayes

Cross-Dressing in Chinese Opera
Siu-Leung Li

Different Horrors, Same Hell
Karen Gibbons
Myrna Goldenberg
Amy H. Shapiro

Discourses of Denial
Yasmin Jiwani

Dispersed but Not Destroyed
Kathryn Magee Labelle

Domestic Reforms
Chris Clarkson

Doubting Sex
Geertje Mak

Driven Apart
Annis May Timpson

Ecofeminism and Rhetoric
Douglas A. Vakoch

Emotional Trials
Cynthia Siemsen

The End of Children?
Nathanael Lauster
Graham Allan

Engendering Forced Migration
Doreen Indra

Equality with a Vengeance
Molly Dragiewicz

The Erotic
Lou Andreas-Salomé

Every Inch a Woman
Carellin Brooks

Faith, Politics, and Sexual Diversity in Canada and the United States
David Rayside
Clyde Wilcox

Families, Labour and Love
Maureen Baker

Feminists and Party Politics
Lisa Young

Feminized Justice
Amanda Glasbeek

Fertility and Jewish Law
Ronit Irshai

Figuring It Out

Finding Courage to Speak
Paige Alisen

First Year Out
Sabrina Symington

From Madness to Mutiny
Amy Neustein
Micheal Lesher

Gay Male Pornography
Christopher Kendall

Gender & Italian Archaeology
Ruth D. Whitehouse

Gender And Community Policing
Susan L. Miller

Gender and warfare in the twentieth century
Angela K. Smith

Gender in the Legal Profession
Joan Brockman

Gendered Money
Pernilla Jonsson
Silke Neunsinger

Gendered News
Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant

Gendering Government
Louise A. Chappell

Gendering Talk
Robert Hopper

Gendering the Nation-State
Yasmin Abu-Laban

Genders and Sexualities in Modern Thailand
Peter Jackson
Nerida Cook

Guyana Diaries
Kimberly D. Nettles

He’s Always Been My Son
Janna Barkin

Health Advocacy, Inc.
Sharon Batt

Health Inequities in Canada
Olena Hankivsky

The Heiress vs the Establishment
Constance Backhouse
Nancy L. Backhouse

How to Understand Your Gender
Alex Iantaffi
Meg-John Barker

Identity/Difference Politics
Rita Dhamoon

In the Company of Men
James E. Gruber
Phoebe Morgan

Interrogating Motherhood
Lynda R. Ross

Intimate Colonialism
Laurie L. Charlés

The Invisible Sex
J. M. Adovasio
Jake Page
Olga Soffer

Judging Homosexuals
Patrice Corriveau

Jumping through Hoops
Shirley Chang
Jing M. Wang

Just Methods
Alison Jaggar

Keeping the Nation's House
Helen M. Schneider

Ladies Who Lunge
Tara Brabazon

Letters from Your Trans Sisters
Charlie Craggs

A Life in Balance?
Catherine Krull
Justyna Sempruch

Listening to Olivia
Jody Raphael

The Man Who Invented Gender
Terry Goldie

The Manly Modern
Christopher Dummitt

Marriage, Sexuality, and Gender
Robert West
Robin West

Married to the Empire
Mary A. Procida

The Masculine Woman in Weimar Germany
Katie Sutton

Masculinities in Politics and War
Stefan Dudink
Karen Hagemann
Josh Tosh

Masculinities without Men?
J Bobby Noble

Men in Groups
James E. Gruber
Phoebe Morgan

Midrashic Women
Judith Baskin

Migration, Prostitution, and Human Trafficking
Min Liu

Mixed Race Amnesia
Minelle Mahtani

Modern Women Modernizing Men
Ruth Compton Brouwer

Mothers and Others
Melanee Thomas
Amanda Bittner

A Moving Rhetoricke
Christina Luckyj

National Manhood and the Creation of Modern Quebec
Jeffery Vacante

The Nature of Masculinity
Steve Garlick

Negotiating Identities
Helena Grice

Negotiating Identities in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Montreal
Bettina Bradbury
Tamara Myers

The New Avengers
Jacinda Read

New Soviet Man
John Haynes

No Safe Haven
Lori B. Girshick

Northern Love
Paul Nonnekes

Novel Shakespeares
Julie Sanders

Obstructed Labour
Sheryl Nestel

Old Believers, Religious Dissent and Gender in Russia, 1760-1850
Irina Paert

On Spiders, Cyborgs and Being Scared
Joanna Zylinska

On the Origins of Gender Inequality
Joan Huber

Opening Doors Wider
Sylvia Bashevkin

Painting the Maple
Sherrill Grace
Joan Anderson
Avigail Eisenberg
Veronica Strong-Boag

Parity Democracy
Jocelyne Praud
Sandrine Dauphin

Parole in Canada
Sarah Turnbull

Passions of the First Wave Feminists
Susan Magarey

Penitent, with Roses
Paula Peterson

Petticoat Whalers
Joan Druett

The Plough Women
Mark Raider
Miriam Raider-Roth

Quebec Women and Legislative Representation
Manon Tremblay
Kathe Roth

A Queer Love Story
Marilyn R. Schuster

Queer Mobilizations
Manon Tremblay

Queer Youth in the Province of the Severely Normal
Gloria Filax

Queering Contemporary Asian American Art
Laura Kina
Jan Christian Bernabe

Queering Social Work Education
Susan Hillock
Nick J. Mulé

Reaction and Resistance
Dorothy E. Chunn
Susan B. Boyd
Hester Lessard

Reforming Japan
Elizabeth Dorn Lublin

Religion, Ecology & Gender
Sigurd Bergmann
Yong-Bock Kim

Resisting Manchukuo
Norman Smith

Rethinking Domestic Violence
Donald G. Dutton

Science of the Seance
Beth A. Robertson

Seawomen of Iceland
Margaret Willson
Margaret Williams

Seeing Her Sex
Roberta McGrath

Selling Sex
Emily van der Meulen
Elya M. Durisin
Victoria Love

Sex and Borders
Leslie Ann Jeffrey

Sex and the Revitalized City
Leslie Kern

Sex Offenses and the Men Who Commit Them
Michelle Meloy

Sex Work
Colette Parent
Chris Bruckert
Patrice Corriveau
Maria Nengeh Mensah
Louise Toupin

Sex Workers in the Maritimes Talk Back
Leslie Ann Jeffrey
Gayle MacDonald

Sexing the Teacher
Sheila L. Cavanagh

Shamanism and the Origins of States
Sarah Milledge Nelson

Sarah Roche-Mahdi

Solidarities beyond Borders
Pascale Dufour
Dominique Masson
Dominique Caouette

Juliana Geran Pilon

Linda Trimble
Jane Arscott
Manon Tremblay

Subversive Seduction
Travis Landry

Taking Stands
Maureen G. Reed

Taxing Choices
Rebecca Johnson

Teachers' Schools and the Making of the Modern Chinese Nation-State, 1897-1937
Xiaoping Cong

Thinking Queerly
David Ross Fryer

Trafficking and Prostitution Reconsidered
Kamala Kempadoo
Jyoti Sanghera
Banda Pattaniak

Trans Voices
Declan Henry

Transforming Law's Family
Fiona Kelly

Transgender Voices
Lori B. Girshick

English Feminists and their Opponents in the 1790s
William Stafford

Unions, Equity, and the Path to Renewal
Janice R. Foley
Patricia L. Baker

The Way of the Bachelor
Alison R. Marshall

We Still Demand!
Patrizia Gentile
Gary Kinsman
L. Pauline Rankin

Who Are You?
Skip Pessl
Brook Pessin-Whedbee
Naomi Bardoff

Who's Having This Baby?
Helen Sterk
Carla Hay
Leona VandeVusse
Alice Beck Kehoe
Krista Ratcliffe

Woman-to-Woman Sexual Violence
Lori B. Girshick

Women and Property in Urban India
Bipasha Baruah

Women and the White Man's God
Myra Rutherdale

Women in Italy 1350-1650
Mary Rogers
Paola Tinagli

Women in Pacific Northwest History
Karen J. Blair

Working Girls in the West
Lindsey McMaster

Young Men in Uncertain Times
Vered Amit
Noel Dyck

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